Capital Centre has various volunteer committees whose purposes are to help build a sense of community within the building, and to improve the building in various ways. Each committee is always seeking volunteers, so anyone wishing to participate will be welcome. Committee volunteers can also be rewarded for their efforts in various ways, at the discretion of their respective Committee Chair (ask the Committee Chair for more details). The Committees at Capital Centre are:
Security Committee
The Security Committee is designed to help improve building security for all residents. This is achieved through active participation in regular patrols through the building, as well as discussing possible security improvements. This committee is also responsible for the Furniture Reclamation Program and the Clothing Donation Program – all programs which are designed to reduce the volume of homeless people in and around the building, by eliminating items of value to them from being accessible. 
Committee Chair: Lizzy Somerville –
To volunteer for the security committee or just to volunteer for anything building related (that isn't the two below), contact:
Operational Excellence Committee
This committee is focused on finding ways to make the building operate more efficiently, thereby reducing overall costs. Whether it be utilities, staffing, communications or administration, this committee seeks to maximize the value of every dollar spent on building related issues.
Committee Chair: Shannon Baxter -
To sign up for the toilet upgrade program, contact:
To volunteer, contact:
Social Committee
The Social Committee exists to help weave the social fabric of the Capital Centre community. Their goal is to plan and host events so that residents of Capital Centre can meet as friends and neighbours and enjoy what downtown living has to offer together. These events could be within the building itself, or outside it at various other venues. In all cases, they seek to better the lives of Capital Centre residents through social interaction and community engagement. This Committee has assumed responsibility for the Bottle Collection Program as a fund raising initiative.
Committee Chair: Lizzy Somerville
To volunteer, contact:
Media & Communications Committee
This Committee is responsible for overseeing all communications, both internal and external, pertaining to the Corporation.
Committee Chair: Shannon Baxter –
To volunteer, contact: