Capital Centre is located at:
10125 109 Street
10145 109 Street
10175 109 Street
Edmonton, Alberta
The Capital Centre Board of Directors for the upcoming year (as of June 13, 2022)
Lizzy Somerville - President (Residential Board Member) -
Kevin Petterson - Vice-President (Commercial Board Member) -
Laurie Shone- Treasurer (Residential Board Member) -
Ajit Singh - Privacy Officer (Residential Board Member) -
Kate Woloshyn - Secretary (Residential Board Member) -
Norrie - Shan Fyfe - Member-at-Large (Commercial Board Member)
Shannon Baxter - Member-at-Large (Residential Board Member)
Capital Centre Property Manager* (Capital Centre is a self-managed property)
Shawn O'Flaherty, Property Manager-780-238-7742
Business Hours 8:30 am to 4:30 pm (Monday - Friday)
*Please note: The Property Manager and/or the Corporation DO NOT deal with rentals. Visit the forum or Kijiji to search for rental information. DO NOT contact the Property Manager.
Building Security: 780-667-7172 (on-site direct)
Security Committee
South Tower:
Center Tower:
North Tower:
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Capital Centre Condominium Mailing Address
To send a letter to the condominium Board of Directors, please address it as follows:
Capital Centre Condominium Board
#1500, 10145-109st
Edmonton, AB
T5J 3M5